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Glass Reinforced polyester (GRP) is a light, durable and tough constructional material which can be fabricated into all manner of products. It may be translucent, opaque or coloured, flat or shaped, thin or thick. GRP is a composite resilient durable resin with an immensely strong fibrous glass. The resin is the main component and it is normally a polyester resin. Just as concrete may be reinforced with steel rods so polyester resins may be reinforced with glass fibres to form GRP. Glass fibre is one of the strongest of all materials. It is non combustible and chemically resistant.


1) With use of composite materials, the material acts together in strengthening the material to overcome deficits of the other. GRP becomes a material that resists well both compressive and tensile forces. The two materials may be used uniformly or the glass may be specifically placed in those portions of the structure that will experience tensile loads.

2) Cost Efficient :- As the construction of the site erection consumes less time which provides in quick delivery, the outcome of this is cost efficient product.

3) High Degree of Design Flexibility :- The practical uses of fibreglass are virtually endless, limited only by your imagination. Fibreglass opened many new avenues for creative designers. Its unique physical properties allow it to be easily tooled, moulded and manufactured to meet almost any specifications. Because there are few constraints on size, shape, color or finish, the styling and appearance can take precedence over manufacturing costs.


Appearance :- Fibreglass parts are gel-coated in their molds with a choice of flat, semi-gloss or high gloss color eliminating the need for painting. In highly corrosive environments gel-coats are much more durable than most paints.

Versatility :- The lightweight strength of fibreglass has always made it a popular choice for manufacturing. Fibreglass offers distinct advantages in a wide range of products; its reduced weight and maintenance make it attractive on architectural projects. More and more industries are discovering the benefits of its versatility.

Flexible for Diversifacation & Expansion :- It can be designed to match the future requirements in terms of height, length and width.

Corrosion Environmentally Tough :- Fibreglass is non-corrosive and has a much longer life expectancy when compared to a variety of construction materials. In highly corrosive environments Fibreglass is the preferred choice over metal, wood, or plastic. A popular choice where exposure to harsh environments is a concern, Fibreglass provides resistance to ultra violent light, extreme temperatures, salt air, and a variety of chemicals including most acids. Because fiberglass is chemically inert and corrosion-resistant, it offers an economical alternative to stainless steel.

Resistance :- GRP is sound proof, water proof and fire proof. It is free from algae, seepages and corrosion.

Dielectric :- Fibreglass is non-conductive, RF transparent, and helps to insulate against electromagnetic fields, making Fibreglass the obvious choice for electrical and electronic equipment storage.




Basic Material of Structure


Tensile Strength

92 MPa

Bending Strength

155 MPa

Elastic Modulus

13000 MPa

Glass Content

More than 30

Barcol Hardness

Greater than 50

Compression Strength

310 MPa

Shear Strength

110 MPa

Special Gravity


Coef. of Thermal Expansion

2.16 x 10-5/0C

Thermal Conductivity

0.17 W/(m0K)

Water Absorption

Less than 0.1 %

Light Transmittance





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